Why Do You Need an Article in Ezine?

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As a freelance writer, you have most likely heard of Ezine, but why do you need an article in Ezine? This article directory is the most popular of its type—and unlike most; it is not hated by Google. This means that having an article on Ezine is a great way to start building your portfolio or enhance the one you already have. A portfolio is critical to your career for several reasons, all of which can answer the question of why do you need an article in Ezine.


Whether you are writing on Ezine Articles for a client, using it as a modified blog, or writing based on prompts that are given to you just for the exercise, submitting articles to the directory gives you the chance to practice your craft. As a writer, the most important thing that you can do is continuously improve, which can only be accomplished through regular practice. Why do you need an article in Ezine for this? If you build your own portfolio, you may not notice if your quality is lacking in any particular piece. By submitting your pieces through Ezine, however, you will be held accountable by the review process and be responsible for polished, professional quality pieces.

Keeping yourself in practice also ensures that your online portfolio remains fresh and offers a wide variety of pieces for readers, and potential clients, to review.


While you may get a considerable amount of your work from a freelancing site, it can never hurt to gain work from other sources. Having an article on Ezine opens your portfolio to a wider audience. Many companies looking for written material for their websites and blogs look to Ezine for inspiration. While the original purpose of this site was to offer copyright free material that could be republished on other sites that were in search of information about a particular topic, recent search engine updates have made this a frowned-upon practice. Instead, potential clients will browse the category of Ezine articles that they are interested in and find a writer whose style that they like. The client can then contact the writer directly for further work.

This means when you are wondering why do you need an article on Elance you should consider that the more work that is available for other to see, the more potential you have for direct work. Supporting an online portfolio on Ezine gives you the chance to direct people to your work when putting in proposals for jobs. Presenting writing samples right off the bat separates you from the less professional writers so that you are immediately more appealing to potential clients.


In addition to providing samples for prospective clients, having articles on Ezine allow you to market yourself as a high quality professional in your field. Especially if you are hoping to build your own article writing service, writing these articles gives you a platform for marketing your service.

Ezine is a platform that lets you be seen and establish online presence so you can exhibit your skills. So, why do you need an article on Ezine? Promoting yourself as a freelance writer is the biggest part of your job—and it never ends.

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