The Versatile Accordion File

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If you have a self-employed business that requires visiting clients informally on a regular basis, you may find the easily portable accordion file an extremely handy and important part of your daily endeavors.

An accordion file loosely resembles a good-sized brief case or computer bag in size and appearance. Instead of a single large pouch and one or two tight, zippered pockets, however, the accordion file, when opened, displays numerous easily accessed large pockets into each of which you can insert several manila envelopes or file folders.

The accordion file usually has twelve copious compartments, each with its individual label. One could label the compartments as Clients, Contacts, Contracts, Expenditures, Forms, Prospectuses, Publications and Receipts — or other indicators pertinent to the type and scope of the business.

Inside these labeled compartments, one can store several envelops or file folders (also labeled) in which to keep additional material. Hint: Keep the labels in alphabetical order wherever possible to make them easier to locate.

An advantage the accordion file offers has to do with the readiness with which the business person can immediately extract a given form, prospectus or informational document to show a prospective client or customer. The accordion file lends to a habit of neatness; only those materials pertinent to the meeting at hand need to appear on the table.

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