Tips to Make Money Online Through Legitimate Online Jobs and 6 Legit Websites that Pay

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Today, there are many ways for one to make money online. Aside from the usual jobs that we can all get offline, these days, the popularity of online jobs are already permeating the knowledge of many. Because of these online jobs, there are now a lot of opportunities to make money online.

However, the question that everybody cannot answer as easily is if there are legitimate online jobs that can be trusted. Let’s face it; a lot of times, people all over can be easily scammed especially when money is involved. It is a fact that when money is mentioned, many try to hop on and wish to get their share as well.

In this article, we will discuss one of the best ways to make money online, and that is through using your writing skills on some legit websites that pay.

Legit Websites that Pay for Good Writing
  • Associated Content – This seems to be very popular among many online writers and for those who are looking for ways to make money online. The website does not really pay a lot, with only upfront payments of $2-$5 per article. But with every 1000 views of the article, the writer will be paid $1.50. A writer can write about a lot of topics except for reviews, news items and fictional writings. Other than that; when a writer submits their work, there is usually a week up to 10 days wait to see if the article is eligible for pay.

    This website is safe and uses Paypal as a means for paying the writer.

  • Writer’s Weekly – For this website, they are in need of writers who write about how to make money doing what they do best…writing! Basically, the website is for writers, by writers. If your submitted article gets approved by the website, then you could get paid $40 – $60 per article. The publications are usually for paid subscribers.
  • Krazy Coupon Lady – If you want to make money online through the Krazy Coupon Lady, then you can make a guest post on this website. When your article gets accepted, they will pay you $50 through Paypal. Articles that are accepted here are usually those whose themes are to help save money. Topics that a guest poster could write about could be anything from style, fashion, family, travel, finance, couponing, home and gardening.

If you think that you have really good writing skills, then the next two websites are good places for you to showcase this talent. The best thing about these two websites is that they are legitimate online jobs and are very rewarding in terms of paying those whose articles make it into the ranks of approved articles. These are the websites who are not afraid to pay well for the articles and the views that are garnered by the articles on their pages. Try to make money online from these websites.

  • – Perhaps you have heard of this popular website. Here, there is definitely an opportunity for writers to earn money. However, the website implements a strict format for their articles and that they should be well-structured and will be able to teach the readers a step-by-step process of how to do something; which is exactly why people go to this website—to know how to do a particular thing.
  • – If you think that you have what it takes, you should give this website a try. It is said that some of the guides in the website make about $1000 per month. Of course, with this kind of compensation, it means that getting in would not be easy. The website has been around for a long time and is also owned by the New York Times.

Aside from writing, there is also another way to make money online and this is through making a YouTube Video. YouTube is one of the legit websites that pay and this is why many are trying their luck at making viral videos. Of course, you would first need a Google Ad-sense account.

Writing is a skill that many people have. There are those who find happiness with being able to express themselves through writing. Therefore, why not use this skill to try getting legitimate online jobs and earn some money?

On another note, while these websites mentioned are legit websites that pay, it would be good if you do your research into other legitimate online jobs that you could do to help you make money online.

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