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Have you heard about Academia Research? If not, it’s one of the best writing sites you can rely on. Before telling you the reasons why you should choose Academia Research in making money online, I would like to clarify that this post will not teach you how to become the best writer you can be. Most of the people that have defended Academia Research are often critiqued unjustly. I am one of the writers of Academia Research and I am proud to recommend this freelance writing site to you. One more thing – I am writing this review to help people land on a site they can trust and pay what due to them. I hope my purpose is clear on your end. If you are reading this to critique my writing, go ahead.


Academia Research is a legit freelance writing site – why some people rant against Academia

I spend some of my precious time reading reviews on Academia Research. I did it to know what people think about the site. I was surprised to find out that there were several posts that mislead aspiring writers. Well, all of them who claimed Academia as scam are lazy and want money doing nothing.

I am not ranting against those people. I am just concern for aspiring writers who want to find legit sites they can rely on and make money. If you are one of those people who are looking for writing opportunities online – Academia is always open for new applicants.

I read an Awake! magazine this afternoon, and I stumbled upon a lesson that helps us make decisions on making money online. This will also help us develop an ability to weigh reviews written against Academia Research.

The greedy and those who want something for nothing are prime targets for online thieves. The bait may include big money for minimal work… – Awake!

I have digested it this way – greedy people want something for nothing. Greedy people want big money for minimal work! Today, I totally understand why people were screaming out there telling forums and posting posts about Academia Research as scam!

Essay writing on Academia Research – you are writing academic essays to make money online

Basically, you are writing various academic essays on Academia. You will bid customers’ orders. The administration decides to give it to you or to other bidders. Once an order is given to you, write the essay according to the given instructions. Complete it on time and make money.

The reason why I recommend Academia Research to aspiring writers

Essay writing is no easy work. You need time and concentration, yet, if you are looking for the best freelance writing site that will pay you with high CPP or Cost per Page – Academia Research is the site you are looking for.

Essay writing on Academia Research is one of the best tested ways to make money online – Prime Aque

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  1. Hi Prime,
    You are correct, some people think that making money is an easy task. And when they fail, they blame others !
    I have seen myself that essays at Academia requires high degree of knowledge and good writing skills, that would be a challenge for most people !

    • Thank you Dima. Working with Academia is also a great opportunity to improve my writing skills. I have some more options in making money online, but I choose Academia because I want to improve my writing. Writing is of my number one capital of “make money blogging.” Anyway, thank you for being my COD official editor…. I appreciate it.

  2. Hi Prime,
    The word “scam” is attached to many products/services and even personal names as a marketing ploy to increase attention. So a lot of goods with the “scam” label are hardly scam. Due diligence is necessary to form opinions. Nothing beats your own personal knowledge and experience. Thanks for sharing. Great information and tips.

    • Hi Jennifer. Thank you so much for that, yes, sometimes the word scam is used to catch attentions… however, the one written for Academia is not used as a marketing ploy – it is used to brain wash aspiring writers. I want people know that they can trust this freelance writing site.

  3. thanks Working with Academia is also a great opportunity to improve my writing skills so thanks for your suggestions


  1. […] Academia Research is a freelance writing site. This is the one I am talking about – my aunt introduced Academia Research last 2007 when I asked her how can I make extra money for my tuition and allowance. I had no regrets working for Academia. College students like you can be productive on Academia because subjects like macro and micro economics, English and literature and similar topics are still fresh on your mind. Don’t worry, you can always find the web helpful to research about the subjects you are writing for. I have no access on a public library but I am still writing for Academia and .edu and .gov websites are helpful sources whenever an essay needs trustworthy references. […]

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