How to Start Freelance Writing to Make Money Online

Freelance writing is a great way to make money online. There are millions of websites out there that all need writers, and you can easily carve out a niche for yourself and make either a full-time living or enough to supplement your other income. Getting started freelance writing isn’t difficult. Here are a few things you need to know about how to start freelance writing to make money online: Get Clips In order to convince people to hire you, you need to have published clips showing your ability as a writer. This may seem like a catch-22 since you need clips to get work but you can’t get the clips if no one will give you work. However, there are a number of ways to get clips even as a total … [Read more...]

Freelance Writing 107: Belong to a Writing Community

One of the best things you can do when it comes to making money with your online writing is joining an online writing community. There are a number of reasons to do this. They provide a method through which you can improve your skills as a freelance writing professional. They also serve as a way for you to identify clients and publishers that are prone to scamming hardworking writers. The Ultimate Online Writing Community List Finding the right online writing community is essential to your success in this career. Not only will you benefit from improved skills, but other freelancers are happy to share their business management techniques. Some of these communities can also provide … [Read more...]

Freelance Writing 106: Copyscape Should Be Your Best Friend

Online writing professionals have a reputation for submitting copied and plagiarized articles to make a fast buck. While it is only the most low-down, dirty freelance writing scoundrels that would even consider doing this, it is a problem you have to face in the business. Understanding how copyscape works is particularly important. The system takes the submitted text and compares it to articles and content already on the web. Any word for word matches will be identified and links to the matching sources will be provided. Most people think it is essential to obtain a 100% uniqueness rating from Copyscape. Your clients will understand that this isn’t always possible. What they will be … [Read more...]

Freelance Writing 105: Terminologies

Okay, so you know how to find work and your portfolio is ready to go, but do you understand the online writing terminologies thrown around in the freelance writing community? If you don’t you will never really know what you’re bidding on. If you already know the meaning of phrases like spinning, keyword density, CMS, meta tags, copy writing, auto responder, and call to action then you can skip this article and continue bidding on new projects. If any of that seems unfamiliar, strange, or completely unrelated to online writing terminologies then you absolutely must read everything here. Online Writing Terminologies Defined Spinning Spinning refers to articles that are written in a … [Read more...]

Freelance Writing 104: Building a Portfolio and Marketing Yourself

The most important thing required to sell yourself as a freelance writer is having an amazing freelance portfolio. Without it you will struggle to land your first client. Even if you have a few paying jobs you won’t gain as many writing assignments as you could if you put together a portfolio that really shines. So just what does it take to build the perfect freelance portfolio? Follow these tips to build one and it will become much easier to sell yourself as a freelance writer. The Basics of a Freelance Portfolio Most of the work that is available in the freelance writing world is geared towards web content. This means that you have to understand a few simple things: Standard keyword … [Read more...]

Freelance Writing 103: Write? Are You Doing it Right?

Are you wondering how to write online and make a living? There are millions of people enjoying a healthy income with freelance writing on the web. The good news is that there is an abundance of paying work out there for anyone with even a little bit of writing talent. And the bad news? Well, the really isn't any. The great news, for you, is that most people will never figure out how to write online and earn a solid income. There are a few things that you really need to understand before you can get into it, though. How to Write Online for SEO Clients The bulk of the clients that hire freelance writing providers are looking for search engine optimized content. They use this content to … [Read more...]

Freelance Writing 102: Primary Tools a Freelance Writer Needs Before Starting

Freelance writing is a relatively easy profession to begin. It has very low overhead and you don’t need much to get started. However, there are a few primary tools a freelance writer needs before he before starting. A computer – Needless to say, but I will still say it, you need a computer. Long gone are the days of manual typewriter. Most of the time, you will not need a hard copy of the document anyway so saving in on a computer is a much better option. The computer that you use needs to be one with adequate memory because you will likely need to store a lot of documents. Of course it also needs a good word processing program installed, such as Microsoft Word, to make sure your … [Read more...]

How to Jumpstart Your Freelancing Career in Writing

If you enjoy writing and you believe that you can write well enough so that other people will find it enjoyable or informative, you can start earning money from your talent. Because of the Internet boom, there are now countless opportunities for writers like us. How? When you searched for “How to make money online”, chances are you found this blog presented to you by Google. There are millions like you all over the world looking for information. All the websites you visit has to have valid and unique information so that they will be listed by Google and other search engines. Every single day, thousands of stories and articles are needed online. Simply put, words, articles and content is the … [Read more...]

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