Pay Per Click & Impression Affiliate Programs: Sub-Domains And Full Domains

Here's the list of affiliate programs websites that can work for sub-domains: 1- This one gives about 0.08 to 0.15 cents per click, it does also pay for when users on your site use the 7search's seach box to search for whatever they want to search about, they pay via Paypal, bank transfer and others. Give it a try?   2- Bidvertiser: Click's values vary in here but they do not get less than 0.10 according to my knowledge, the site pays through western union, Paypal, bank transfer and others. Whether you're an owner of a sub-domain or a full registered domain you can try this. 3- Exoclick: I have personally tried this but their payment is so low, actually my … [Read more...]

How To Earn More Extra Cash At D2D

If you haven’t heard how simply it is to earn at Day2Daytips, then you are missing out on extra online cash.  But this is no get-rich quick scheme!  In fact, it requires dedication and commitment.  But that does not mean it is difficult.  Online writing and online earning could not get easier than D2D.  But if you do not know how to maximize earnings here are D2D, your time might be a little harder – and even during that time, you will still earn.  But why earn trickles when you can get more.  Consider these online earning tips and maximize your earning potential at D2D. Follow the rules Make no mistake about it, Day2Day is a wonderful site and it will give you extra income when you FOLLOW … [Read more...]

Jobseekers’ Best Sites to Look for a Job

It's not enough to post a profile in oDesk or Freelancer. You have to bid for the jobs. Sometimes, you can get a good job. Other times, you can't get one because the pay or the rate just keeps getting lower and lower in a bidding war against other writers. So, the question is, where else can you find online work? Aside from signing up to Elance and, you can go to sites that host job boards where you can contact the company directly. Which sites are these? I'm sure Craigslist is familiar to most of us, but it's not always a safe site. There are many that might scam you. So here are sites where you can see job postings. These sites have a good reputation for their … [Read more...]

How’s It Like To Write For Inforbarrel? ( My Own Personal Experience And Review)

Infobarrel Logo

Infobarrel? Today and in this article, I liked to share with you guys my own little experience with the revenue writing site that's called "infobarrel". For those of you who don't know what infobarrel is, I will write a short explanation and summary about how the site works and if you're already familiar with this one then you may just skip it. Please note that this article will be just talking about my modest writing experience there and there will be no mentioning of how much would a person earn there or anything related to that but I'm sure you'll find this correct and helpful so read it if you're interested.   What Is Infobarrel? Infobarrel is a revenue sharing … [Read more...]

6 Writing Revenue Sites That You Should Never Join!

Source: Quinn Dombrowski

The internet has made it easier for people to communicate, share opinions and to work but when it comes to identifying the scam from the legit sites and so we should be always helping each other into spreading the word and the reviews to avoid getting other people to experience the same bad experiences and to get deceived, also to help others who are passionate about working online into finding the correct and the right methods and legit sites to start with. This article will be talking about 6 writing revenue sharing websites that you should never write for and or join from the first place. 1- PostAnyArticle: I've never personally joined this site before but I've read many negative … [Read more...]

Earnings On Hubpages – How To Increase It?

Hubpages Logo

What's Hubpages? Hubpages is an advanced and a pretty popular writing revenue site where you can earn money with the  revenue shares from Google adsense impressions and clicks, other affiliate programs and from Amazon and Ebay where you get about 60% of the commissions and 40% goes to the site's admins. How Much Money Can You Make On Hubpages? The earning potential differs and it depends on several factors including: Your articles qualities, the number of words, views, SEO and some others. If you want it from my personal experience, well I can tell you that I have made $0.01 on the first day and by posting only one article which didn't really had a high quality and when I had … [Read more...]

For Writers: How To Get Traffic To Your Articles And Sites ( Simple and easy to follow tips)

We all know how much important it is to be getting the online traffic that you dream of, not only to make good money out of it but to also have this beautiful spirit of helping and guiding other people, that's why I've decided to talk and write some of the good ideas and tips that will help you get traffic to your posts! So let's start. 1- Join popular Social media Sites: I've personally had massive traffic coming from this site alone into my articles because you can add as much friends as you like over there and I've managed to get about 3000 friends within just 2-5 days! Try it, communicate and share your interesting articles there! Oh yeah, we all … [Read more...]

Making Money By Smartphones Apps: Get Paid To Chat?

Source: Abul Hussain

In the technology era, many new opportunities have started to become available for everyone who can own a PC or a smartphone. Making money has never been as good and beautiful as it is when you decide about making your steps in the third world, the world that's giving equal chances for everyone who has passion to make extra good money online. About 5 days ago, I thought about searching the app store for apps that would pay its users and that would offer online simple tasks for fun and some extra money so I could find some good apps that offer you good money by doing very simple tasks and another app that offers users revenue sharing cuts by just chatting! Yes that's true! This … [Read more...]

Five Important Things that You Need to Know Before Dealing with Online Money Making Sites

The uncertainty in the global economy has led to unemployment in many countries. An increasing number of people are opting for online jobs to make ends meet. Many of these sites offer a solace to such people and give some temporary relief between the transition periods. Such money making sites offer jobs that the person can easily do within the comforts of their home and in many cases a job that started as a temporary arrangement turns into a permanent solution. There are a few precautions that you can follow in this regard. Social Media Marketing: When you try to market a local business online there are a few precautions that you need to follow. There are unethical buyers who will buy a … [Read more...]

Writing or Blogging – What is Best Suited Career for You?

robinams / Pixabay

Both writing and blogging are lucrative careers. But what is suited for you? If you have a great imagination, and if you can write interesting stories – you can write a book and sell it. But selling a book is no joke. However, publishing a book is much easier today. If you are an aspiring writer, you can create your first eBook on! Blogging? I am a blogger, I am a self-taught blogger. Blogging is more about writing for fun. Bloggers used to create their blogs to publish personal journals. However, publication of personal thoughts evolved to be a make money blogging. Bloggers found out that they can monetize their personal write-ups to make some decent amount of … [Read more...]

Earn Money Online for Travel Writers: 5 Sites That Pay Writers Per Post

Although there are many ad-revenue sites that pay for residual or passive income, but there are also sites that pay upfront and pay the writer a specified amount when they accept the article. So, for travel writers, here is a list of 5 sites that will pay you for a post. For those who are not so much into travel writing, don't despair. I'll post a tip for you. 1. BootsnAll BootsnAll pays $30-$50 per post through PayPal. You can read their Indie Travel Manifesto for the submission guidelines. You can submit different types of articles or posts, but the pay will also vary. 2. Transition Abroad  This site is actually geared towards those who want to live somewhere outside the … [Read more...]

Tips To Write The Best Article For The Client

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I started writing articles around five years back. Here, writing means professional article writing. Actually submitting the articles and getting paid on approval. Though it sounds very easy, but it is not so. Following are some of the tips I want to put forth to all my esteemed members. Now, these can be called as 'TIPS' but this is my personal experience that is I am putting forth for your kind perusal. Language - I can write only in English, but there are writers who write in English and do translate in the desired language. I thought I will use some tools and give the best of the output to the client, as the client wanted in Spanish language. AND never ever do this mistake. The … [Read more...]

Tips for work-at-home-writers surrounded by friends and family

Working at home as a freelance writer works perfectly for my family. My schedule is flexible so that I can do all the things that a parent or spouse needs to do without having to work around a set schedule or deal with an employer. I can write in the early morning or late at night if the mood strikes. But just as there benefits to being a freelance writer, there are also drawbacks if you aren't prepared. 1. You don't have a boss breathing down your neck, this is true - but you have to be your own boss. This means sticking to a schedule which can be tough for someone who tends to procrastinate. Working for yourself can many times equal working much harder than working for someone else, … [Read more...]

Tips to Beat Writers Block

There is nothing more frustrating than having writers block. It has caused some authors to never finish a book, or miss a deadline costing a lot of money. I know I have writers block from time to time and I just stare at my computer screen hoping my brain will kick into gear. Well, I have some tips here that are sure to help you if you find yourself in this situation: Write whatever you are thinking about at that moment in time. It doesn't matter how silly or irrelevant it seems. This will stir up some activity and get your mind and hands working, some quality writing will start to follow. Forget the project your working on for an hour or so and start something else. Maybe start a … [Read more...]

5 Tips Every Blogger Should Know

Blogging Tips

A lot of us posting and reading on this site blog or have blogged I'm sure. I know I have been blogging on and off for years and it took a while for me to realize some of the fundamentals that help a blog become more successful. A blog really is nothing without traffic visiting the blog and enjoying your content. So, it's worth making every effort you can to increase your possible visitors. Here are 5 tips you should not ignore. Social Sharing In this day and age it is an absolute must to offer social sharing button. Most of your traffic will come from recommendations and viral sharing, so offer up plenty of button options to share your work. Take a look at this Day2Day Tip site as … [Read more...]

Tips to Make Your Articles More Persuasive

Writing Persuasive Articles

Being persuasive within your writing allows to to make much more use of your writing and drive more traffic and revenue. You can increase your chances of making the reader take the action you are looking for, whether that is sharing your article, buying something or making contact with you. This means paying attention to how you are writing to make the most of using the readers attention and can be done via several different ways: Get to the Point Get to the point of your article fairly quickly. If you keep writing teasers or keep the readers guessing you might lose them before the end of the article. Always deliver on what the title promised you what you have promised within the article, … [Read more...]

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