How to Win Work Bids in Odesk and Elance

Considering the growing use of internet as a source to provide opportunities that encourage people to work from home, there has been an increase in the number of people who have a kick-start to their freelancing career. There is no dearth of opportunities online for writers, programmers and web designers. However, as the number of freelancers who can offer these skills is much more than the number of such opportunities, there is intense competition. Working from home as a freelance consultant for any of the most needed jobs that include writing, graphic designing, software or program development, etc gives you the advantage of deciding your work hours and your work timings. Without having to … [Read more...]

Top Tips on How to Make Money with Elance

Making money even when you are home is now a popular concept, and almost everyone can do it. The key is in finding the best place where you can find opportunities. If you have solid skills in writing, graphic design, marketing, programming, and web development and would like to pursue a career as a freelancer , then Elance should be one of your top choices. Elance is a popular online platform for freelancers where you can set up you profile and start bidding on available job options. How does Elance Work? Elance does not hire freelancers. As a platform, the website connects freelancers and clients from all around the world. A client posts a project in Elance, aiming to find the best … [Read more...]

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