Where to Place Keywords to Earn More Online Income

If you want to earn more through online writing it is important to give keywords ample attention. Although nothing beats well-written and well-search topics, giving your articles a little more push through keywords is always a good idea. But it takes more than just stuffing your articles with keywords to earn extra. In fact, it has become a delicate process in order to gain the desired page views and attention from search engines. Knowing how to place keywords and key phrases in your published works can create better financial success for you. More income when key phrases are used in the title The title does not just entice your readers. It allows your readers to know what they are about … [Read more...]

Everyone has the Talent

People Tend to underestimate other individual's capacities, you may agree or not but in a simple ways We did it. Bullies and teases are escalating now a days, and guess what? due to this scenarios, even as simple negative bluff to anyone it may affects their self-esteem, it downgrade their  being "who they are", and later you will find them being set aside, or become a center of attraction, but the problem is it's a "Negative Attraction", thus this leads to deprive to their capacities, talents, and what they really can do, it's hard for them to show who really they are. The mindset of most of us will be "Who really think He or She is?", "they can't do that", so if you are on that situation, … [Read more...]

3 Reasons Why Many Bloggers Fail to Make Money Blogging

You can see thousands of blogs buried in the archives of the web because bloggers quit blogging after a few months in their journey to make money blogging. Some of them are desperate to make money online fast after reading promises from other bloggers who are misguiding beginners. But the truth is, blogging is quite tricky if you will put your hands on it. Make Money Blogging is an Overnight Success Many people believe that make money blogging is the answer to the recession. Yes and No. If you are desperate enough to make money blogging now, then you will end up nothing in your pocket from blogging. Make money blogging can generate you a passive income, but it would take months and years. … [Read more...]

Web Designing in Black and White Are Meant to Stand Out

In a scenario when all publicity materials are printed or broadcast in colour, a black and white matter stands out and grabs the attention of viewers more easily. Coloured publicity materials have become so common place that web designers are innovating more in black and white. A retro look to your website not only gives it a distinctive appeal but also helps in attracting more number of viewers. It is not without reason that web design New York companies are attempting in monochrome. Aesthetics, professionalism, and sophistication are aspects that have been the motivation of designers in adopting this retro style of creation. Black and white images are uniquely aesthetic – As already … [Read more...]

5 Reasons Why You Have to Blog as One – Collaborative Blogging

There are reasons why you have to join Day2DayTips.com, a sister site of COD, well to be honest, the concept is not original – but why we are proud on inviting bloggers and writers to write for us? In marketing, copying concept is not bad. Successful marketers compiled working concepts from other marketers who are ahead of them and use it to build a powerful blue print for them to kick-start their own. Why you have to join us and motivate others too? In today’s world, where blogs are emerging in great numbers, we need to work hand in hand to survive. Depending on Google for traffic won’t work that fast if you won’t spend thousands of Dollars for trusted SEO companies. By joining, you … [Read more...]

Do I need to Write Longer Articles to Rank on Search Engines?

Who can answer this important question? As a blogger myself, I am desperate to be on top, but how? Can I be on top by writing 1500 word article? Can I be on top by just writing short article but straight to the point? I read lots of articles every day, especially for Bubblews.com, my favorite social blogging network that pays writer. Honestly, I love reading shorter articles than longer ones (not less than 400 characters though). Why? I am on a hurry. While writing this one, I need to prepare myself for my day job. So do writing longer articles help readers in a hurry? No. I may skip it. I want a straight forward answer for my question. As for entertainment, I won’t read longer articles to … [Read more...]

Local Search: Why You Have to Have It for Better SEO

The pizza shop down the street. The bicycle shop that you always walk by. That cute little park that you drive by every morning. What do they all have in common? They’re local. Your customers like to see and do things that are local. They also like to buy from people who are local. Call it a “locovore” fad, but it’s what’s making money right now. For years, Google, and many other search engines, have been shifting focus to local search, dropping keyword research tools' effectiveness, and trying to get businesses to let Google take care of the ranking. In a way, we're going back to the way things used to be - albeit with better technology. Remember when you opened the Yellow Pages to find … [Read more...]

Nine Reasons Why I started A Blog a Year Ago

There are reasons why I started a blog a year ago! These are the reasons why I never quit blogging despite of the challenges I faced along the way, especially Google Panda and Penguin. I love to express my ideas. Since I was a kid, I love expressing my ideas to my classmates. I apply the freedom through writing various subjects. Blogging has the freedom of expression that’s why I decided to start my own blog a year ago. Whenever I am sad, writing some articles can help me ease the feeling. Blogging is a free tool for promotion and advertising. I start blogging to have a free medium for promotion and advertising. It’s not always free to promote stuff you love online, and so starting a blog … [Read more...]

Is It True that a Beginner Can Make Money Online Fast?

We all start as beginners as there’s no shortcut to online riches. If someone, claims to be a pro, tells you that you can make 10,000 Dollars overnight – simply tell him this way “Thank you, it’s completely yours, and enjoy your money!” Making 10,000 overnight is simply hype! It’s not true, but if I tell you now that you can make extra money online as a beginner, without promising you a figure how much, then it is true. But, an important idea on the title above – is it true that you, a beginner, can make money online fast? Is it true or propaganda? Well, let’s say – the answer is may be yes, or may be no. Why? Not all beginners online are really beginners. If you are totally naive on the … [Read more...]

Tips to Boost Web Traffic to Your Site

Creating a blog is not a difficult task, but the success of the blog in terms of web traffic is the tricky and demanding part. Even if you are confident and proud of your content you cannot do without driving customers to your website especially if you own an e-commerce website. And that is the reason you need to use effective strategies to increase the web traffic to your blog in order to achieve a wide range of objectives varying from just connecting and networking to marketing and selling your product or services, establishing yourself as a leader or building brand awareness. You need to be visible to the consumers to engage them and sell your product, which you can do only if you are … [Read more...]

Bubblews: The Fastest Way to Make Money Online Writing Anything under the Sun

Hello guys. I am here to post an update for COD: The fastest way to make money online writing anything under the sun! Are you sure about that Prime? You may ask. Writing on Bubblews is like Walking, No Training Required Yes, I am sure about that. I’ve discovered a site that asks you to speak freely and write your world. In return, the site will compensate you real money! This is just like my walking challenge! Walking is for all ages, no skills and no equipment required, just shoes and determination to walk. This is very much like writing on Bubblews to make money online. No More SEO Sort of Stuff If you quit blogging because of the SEO sort of stuff – then Bubblews is different. If you … [Read more...]

How to Avoid Being Penalized by Google due to Link Schemes and What Really is it?

Okay, let’s face it guys – Google has strengthen its policies against thieves. I am sorry for being harsh but that’s how I described it. I am not safe too. Unknowingly, Google might consider me as one amongst the thousand bloggers, webmasters, site owners who have violated its golden rule. I won’t let that happen though – as long as it’s not late. And of course, it’s not late for you too. Are you ready? Let’s face the truth – there’s no easy money online. It’s about hard work – it’s about following the rules. If you don’t want to take this challenge – then there’s no enough place for you in the web since the king of search engines is taking the lead. While you read a lot of tutorials right … [Read more...]

12 Tips to Increase Your Pinterest Followers.The Art of Pinteresting (Part Two)

Some believe that image is everything. Well, I do! And that is why there has been an increase in the use of images in marketing. Pinterest is a leading social media tool, where many brands and individual marketers have been using it for promoting their products, services or even simply, their blogs.But in order for your effort to result in conversions, you need to have Pinterest followers. In my previous post " The Art of Pinteresing: Your Ultimate Guide to Pinterest Business Account", I illustrated in details how to set your Pinterest business account.But an account with no followers would be like an isolated island. You need to connect your island with the world, so that people will get … [Read more...]

The Art of Pinteresting: Your Ultimate Guide to Pinterest Business Account

I am a big fan of Pinterest. When I started blogging, I enjoyed pinning images to my boards as a way of promoting my blog. I enjoyed navigating through follower's boards, re pinning and commenting. However, that was just like a short sweet dream. While examining my SERP for some of my blog's posts, I noticed that a Pinterest board page had a SERP 4 for one of my keywords. How come an ordinary woman, who knows nothing about SEO get such a good SERP?! I thought if she can do it, then I can do it too! I write about natural beauty tips, but Pinterest can be good for your niche, too. You should be aware of the fact that Pinterest is not a social tool for only food recipes, beauty and fashion … [Read more...]

Why You Should Consider Making A Blog Post Series

Let's face it: if we all knew what makes an audience want to follow a blog, we would all be successful at it. As it is, the only thing we can do is to follow the rules of blogging, generate as much relevant and useful content as we can, and hope for the best. It isn't all that bad however. There are actually a lot of tricks and methods we can employ to increase our chances of capturing–and retaining–the audiences’ attention. One oft-neglected method is creating a blog post series. As the name suggests, a blog post series is simply a number of posts that cover a specific subject matter, procedure, or concept. Each post typically deals with a specific topic within its broader subject … [Read more...]

Content Categories: Planning Them Out And Focusing Them

In this post, I'm going to talk about one of the most crucial elements of blogging: proper content categorization. For most people trying to get their blog off the ground, there are many factors that will spell the difference between success and failure: relevance of content, structure, focus, and many others. While most people have a fair grasp of most of the elements of blogging, content categorization remains a bit of a mystery to many. One thing that you should realize is that providing quality content is a process that begins before you even begin to write. In fact, one of the first few crucial steps of preparing your blog for eventual uploading is figuring out in which categories … [Read more...]

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