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Day2DayTips is the first Filipino blogging platform created for the whole world.  Through this free collaborative blogging community, the site administrators endeavor to provide quality of life to its members and visitors.  Furthermore, this will be realized through the sharing of practical day to day tips that is shared through the site.

Site Philosophy

  • Every person has the ability to influence positive change — Whether it is personal change or for others; the site provides a free platform to jumpstart this process.

  • Knowledge and experience are valuable life tools — This is the reason why Day2DayTips encourages everyone to put their knowledge and experience into words for the whole world to read.  What you know can help someone become better.

  • Sharing and learning are integral to growth and development — The site offers a collaborative community of experienced professionals, experts, seasoned bloggers and even budding writers.  As such, the site and community is open to anyone who wants to help create a better world through writing and sharing.

  • Everyone is entitled to a hassle-free online earning opportunity  Allow Day2DayTips to take away the fear in online earning.  We know the anxieties that come with online earning opportunities.  This is why we made it hassle-free and worry-free for you.  Let us say thank you for sharing your tips for the world.

Meet the People Behind D2D

Yes, there are real people behind Day2DayTips! Their passion for providing a worry-free blogging platform for online writers ensures that you can expect an exceptional experience here. Their combined talents and experiences will surely make Day2DayTips an extraordinary community.

JP Carlos

As a human capital development professional for almost 20 years now, I’ve come to appreciate the value of learning and sharing. Through Day2DayTips, I get to do both. Although my profession takes up most of my waking hours, it still pales compared to the joy of being a husband and a father.

Ed Ontoy

I’ve been a supervisor for years. Though my job description is hard, but I’m able to please my superiors, and my subordinates because of my dedication. I am a Housekeeping Supervisor, my present regular day job. But to tell you – I am an online guy! I have my laptop or my iPhone with me on my leisure times! I am hooked into blogging! D2D is a great opportunity for me to showcase my skills and to let the world know about the Tips that help me live life to the fullest – it’s not a fairy tale, but it helps me smile genuinely!

Lane Vill

I studied BS Commerce major in management with background in Sales, Supervisory, BPO, Telecommunication and Teaching. I am also an aspiring writer who loves to write poetry and short stories. I am a proud mom of my Rhen. I became stronger when he was born – it’s not easy to raise a child, but I made it and I am always performing my role as a mother to him. I often incorporate my world to words to share my experiences to other people hoping that it may help them in some ways as I believe “we learn from other peoples’ experiences”.

Jenny Alano

The love for writing has always been in me since I was young. But it was only just a few years back that I have “reunited” with my first love. A Dentistry graduate, with a background in pharmacy management, home-based work seemed to be the perfect kind of job for me since I have become a stay at home mom. As an online worker, I have dealt with different kind of jobs. But the one that has stuck in my heart is my passion in writing.

Prime Aque

A born writer – it was my dream to become a novelist but I landed on the blogging world. Since 2007, I wander around all corners of the blogosphere. I am proud to be a blogger, freelance writer, Blogger template designer and WordPress self-taught developer. My heart craves for a community like Day2DayTips! Blogging is inseparable in my being.


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