Freelance Writing 104: Building a Portfolio and Marketing Yourself

The most important thing required to sell yourself as a freelance writer is having an amazing freelance portfolio. Without it you will struggle to land your first client. Even if you have a few paying jobs you won’t gain as many writing assignments as you could if you put together a portfolio that really shines. So just what does it take to build the perfect freelance portfolio? Follow these tips to build one and it will become much easier to sell yourself as a freelance writer. The Basics of a Freelance Portfolio Most of the work that is available in the freelance writing world is geared towards web content. This means that you have to understand a few simple things: Standard keyword … [Read more...]

Freelance Writing 103: Write? Are You Doing it Right?

Are you wondering how to write online and make a living? There are millions of people enjoying a healthy income with freelance writing on the web. The good news is that there is an abundance of paying work out there for anyone with even a little bit of writing talent. And the bad news? Well, the really isn't any. The great news, for you, is that most people will never figure out how to write online and earn a solid income. There are a few things that you really need to understand before you can get into it, though. How to Write Online for SEO Clients The bulk of the clients that hire freelance writing providers are looking for search engine optimized content. They use this content to … [Read more...]

Freelance Writing 102: Primary Tools a Freelance Writer Needs Before Starting

Freelance writing is a relatively easy profession to begin. It has very low overhead and you don’t need much to get started. However, there are a few primary tools a freelance writer needs before he before starting. A computer – Needless to say, but I will still say it, you need a computer. Long gone are the days of manual typewriter. Most of the time, you will not need a hard copy of the document anyway so saving in on a computer is a much better option. The computer that you use needs to be one with adequate memory because you will likely need to store a lot of documents. Of course it also needs a good word processing program installed, such as Microsoft Word, to make sure your … [Read more...]

How to Jumpstart Your Freelancing Career in Writing

If you enjoy writing and you believe that you can write well enough so that other people will find it enjoyable or informative, you can start earning money from your talent. Because of the Internet boom, there are now countless opportunities for writers like us. How? When you searched for “How to make money online”, chances are you found this blog presented to you by Google. There are millions like you all over the world looking for information. All the websites you visit has to have valid and unique information so that they will be listed by Google and other search engines. Every single day, thousands of stories and articles are needed online. Simply put, words, articles and content is the … [Read more...]

A Quick And Easy Google SEO Guide

Google remains the top search engine in the business, and any website that wishes to get a good ranking in its results pages will have to conform to Google’s criteria. The good news is that it is easy enough to get the favorable attention of Google, although you will have to keep some important things in mind.Meta data is one of the most important aspects of getting a high Google ranking, although you will have to utilize it in a way that you may not have expected. You can basically just often the Meta keywords field as Google will not consider this a factor in determining site ranking. This is especially useful for small business websites, in which ranking for relatively few search terms is … [Read more...]

SEO Techniques That Really Work

SEO techniques are a dime-a-dozen nowadays, and there is certainly no shortage of ways by which you can squeeze every last chance of getting a high Google ranking out of your website. However, launching a proper SEO campaign can seem like a monumental task, especially if this is your first time to embark on such a quest. To make it easier for you to dip your toes into the murky waters of SEO, we offer you these proven SEO techniques. Think of SEO from the ground up. Instead of focusing all of your attention on making your site look as good as possible and then somehow “shoe horning” your SEO into the mix, you might get better results by designing with SEO in mind right from the start. Keep … [Read more...]

What Is SEO And How Can You Make It Work For You?

You may have heard of SEO and have an idea that it can be a good thing for your website, but are unfamiliar with what it is exactly and how to best benefit from it. SEO or search engine optimization is simply a set of methods by which you can improve the visibility of your website with your potential audience. There are many steps involved in SEO and many different aspects you should focus on if you want it to produce favorable results for your website. Some of the most important aspects to take into consideration are the site contents, links to other sites on the Internet, and the general organization of the web pages. The end goal of any SEO campaign is to garner a higher visitor count to … [Read more...]

Affordable Search Engine Optimization Options

Search engine optimization is one of the most essential factors in the performance of a website, and it can help draw in an audience and encourage them to perform an action. This may encourage them to purchase products and/or services for example, or simply go back to the site on a regular basis. Of course quality search engine optimization can be quite costly, although there are ways to make it more affordable to startups and multi-site owners. One of the simplest and yet most effective methods to effective SEO is submitting your site to the major search engines. You will eventually catch the attention of the search engine spiders after you have established inbound links, but the process … [Read more...]

AuthorRank Makes SEO News

The world of SEO is a fast changing one and new developments come down the line at a staggering rate. Some of the most significant SEO news revolves around the AuthorRank, which could have a significant effect on SEO as we know it in 2013 and beyond.Although already in use since the filing of its related patent by Google in 2011, AuthorRank will come into its own as an integral part of many SEO campaigns in the coming years. The usage of AuthorRank is actually undergoing a shift of sorts, with a move away from its use as a high-level metric that gauges the quality of a particular Web page, toward implementation along with quality metrics such as domain and page authority, among others.Here's … [Read more...]

Why Do You Need an Article in Ezine?

As a freelance writer, you have most likely heard of Ezine, but why do you need an article in Ezine? This article directory is the most popular of its type—and unlike most; it is not hated by Google. This means that having an article on Ezine is a great way to start building your portfolio or enhance the one you already have. A portfolio is critical to your career for several reasons, all of which can answer the question of why do you need an article in Ezine.PracticeWhether you are writing on Ezine Articles for a client, using it as a modified blog, or writing based on prompts that are given to you just for the exercise, submitting articles to the directory gives you the chance to practice … [Read more...]

The Art of Rewriting

How many times have you poured your energy into writing a project only to find that it is 1000 words longer than you need? Or written on one subject, re-read it and find a whole section of the work is irrelevant to the main topic? If you have experienced this, you know what it means to rewrite. Rewriting helps with organization of the thoughts contained in the article. Review Work CarefullyTo do this, first you need to reread your work looking to see if you adequately covered the topic. Did you omit something that is important to understanding the work as a whole? Is each stage of the piece clear? Clear beginning. Clear ending. Analyze the work for content from one end to the next; do not … [Read more...]

PayPal Registration Walkthrough

PayPal is becoming a popular payment alternative. Creating a PayPal account is easy and can be done within a few minutes. In order to start using a PayPal account, you must first learn how to register for PayPal.How to Register for PayPal Learning how to register for PayPal is very easy. You should have to follow a few simple steps and you will be up and running in no time.PayPal is on online merchant services company that is offered to individuals, businesses, and non-profits. Here are the steps to signing up with PayPal: Decide what type of PayPal account that you would like to have; personal or business/non-profit. Being able to identify what type of purpose you will primarily using the … [Read more...]

How Can Social Media Help In Business

For business promotions, advertisements are a must to let the public know that your business exists. However, in the modern world, people see almost everything online, including the business opportunities out there. Social networks helps these businesses get exposure and be presented to the public. There are certain ways how social media helps bring success to a business and how to use social networking sites to promote your business is a great advantage.Posts and Short Updates For Advertisement: FaceBook and Twitter In the real world, advertisements cost a lot of money to be put into place. A lot of calls and deals are needed to be done and basically, there is just a lot of work for the … [Read more...]

How To Make Money From Blogging

If you haven’t heard yet that you can make money from blogging, you’re terribly missing a lot. Often times, people go online to see the newest and juiciest bits on just about anything and everything to look for. Women go online to look for the latest trends in fashion and beauty while men surf the net to either play online games or watch action filled videos. No matter what the online activity is, information is always involved. Whether they are aware or not, internet users visit at least 1 blog every time they surf online. So, one day you met with your friends and had dinner at a nearby restaurant. Catching up on a lot of things, you heard from a friend that he gets extra income just by … [Read more...]

How to Make Money on EBay

To know how to make money on eBay one should know the exact nature of business that is taking place on eBay. It is the online auction house where millions of people buy and sell all kinds of things. Anyone who has something to sell can make money on eBay if there is someone ready to pay money to acquire it. What To Sell To Make Money On EbayAnything and everything can be sold to make money on eBay. People start with small items which they may have handy. Even used items in a reasonably good condition have takers on eBay. There are people who look around in their basements and attics from usable items which they can transform into cash on eBay. It is a good way to start because without … [Read more...]

Why it is Important to Make Your Blog Design More Attractive?

Making your blog look more professional is on the top of any bloggers list. Blogging has become very popular in the past few years. Many writers have found blogging a good way to make an extra income. Choosing the best blog designs for you could be the clue to making it a success. With all the new things coming out for programming, making your blog look more professional is not hard. Using your imagination will help tremendously in this area.Attract ReadersThe most important thing for anyone who blogs is to attract readers. Even if you are just blogging to express your thoughts, you want to choose the best blog designs. Because even if you are just expressing yourself, you still want people … [Read more...]

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