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Self-Help: Meditation for Anxiety and Depression

Just Breathe Have you ever had one of those days when you just feel like you can’t take any more stress; the pressure on your brain and emotional state is becoming too much to bear? Almost everyone reaches this point sooner or later, and some of us reach it every day, day after day. For some of us, that stress can be born or exasperated by depression; depression that is consuming of all our thoughts and energy.  During those times when things seem out of control and you feel as if everything has fallen down on your head or self-destructive emotions take hold of your mind and eventually affect your body, it's time to sit down and breath. Yes breathe. The following is a technique derived from the same mental health counseling given to … Read this Tip...

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How Your Posture Affects Your Well-being

    Let one person with a good posture stand beside a person that stoops, who among them would you think is healthy or has a great perspective of life? Of course, you would choose the one that is able to hold his shoulders straightly aligned to his ears than the person who seems to be seeking for some coins on the ground. What do you think contributes to having a bad posture?   One thing for sure, a person who might be having some psychological issues would not hold his head up high. Thus adopting the poor habit of walking with his head low, pockets inside his hand. It is a complete picture of a person who has lost his self-esteem. And what could be the cause of depression? There are a lot of factors like having … Read this Tip...

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